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World Suicide Prevention Day

It’s World Suicide Prevention Day. I wish all attempted suicides ended like this Sharon Olds’ poem, “Summer Solstice, New York City.” Oh, how I wish.

“he stepped down from the parapet and went toward them
and they closed on him, I thought they were going to
beat him up, as a mother whose child has been
lost will scream at the child when its found, they
took him by the arms and held him up and
leaned him against the wall of the chimney and the
tall cop lit a cigarette
in his own mouth, and gave it to him, and
then they all lit cigarettes, and the
red, glowing ends burned like the
tiny campfires we lit at night
back at the beginning of the world.”

Tracy K. Smith is the Bowie of poetry. #poetry #lifeonmars

Happy National Dog Day to my goofy best friend! #LadyLavender #dogday #everydoghasitsday

a bale of roundabouts one hundred turtles #cometomemypretties #turtles #GreenfieldLake #Wilmington #ILM #NC
the definitive hard femme:  perfectly polished to play-in-the-dirt mangled #hardfemme #gardeninghands
Siri fails me yet again. 😑 #SiriProblems #SiriGoHomeYoureDrunk #Apple
"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." - James Herriot
Thankful every day to live in a place so beautiful. #CapeFear #ILM #Wilmington #NC #WVtoNC
We cut the legs off of our pants, threw our shoes into the ocean.